• My Background

    Welcome to my website, "AT Troll". I enjoy playing around with many things. I like hiking, backpacking, kayaking, cycling, and photography. I am a beginner freelance photographer. I am just starting out. I am not a Ken Rockwell nor do I shoot for Vanity Fair. I do this as a hobby. If you would like me to do a photo shoot just let me know. I work for what you think I deserve. This means that I will do your photo shoots, you look at what I have done and you decide on what you want to pay me. If you do not like my work you don't have to pay me.

    This web site is design and created for me and everyone else with some of the same interest. My blogs are just for me to occasionally discuss and vent or share some of my thoughts. However the site is currently designed towards photography. I have posted some of my photos. I also post articles and YouTube videos when I find one that I feel is interesting and helpful to others. I hope you all find these useful.

    If your wondering how the name AT Troll was derived. AT is the abbreviation for Appalachian Trail and Troll was a nickname given to me years ago when someone made fun of my last name by twisting it into Troll and the name stuck. I am a avid Appalachian Trail enthusiast. I wanted to use the name Troll for a username on the web but Troll was a well used name so I had to come up with a unique name to keep the name Troll. This was how Attroll came to be.
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