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Looking forward to RVing

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I have wanted to travel around the United States for a few years now. I talked my wife (Margaret) into doing this with me on my touring bike. However that was canceled in 2017 after we had a motorcycle accident. A deer jumped out in front of us and we hit is head on. We received no serious injuries but Margaret refuses to get back on the bike again.

I have tried talking her into getting on the bike again but have not had any success. We discussed buying a travel trailer after the accident but never put any serious thought into it. Knowing that Margaret would not get on the bike again, we started looking at them again. We contemplated making a Tiny Trailer. I even purchase a trailer and assembled it. After getting the trailer built structurally. I had to start purchasing windows, doors and all the other accessories. All these accessories were specialty accessories because they were specific to a Tiny Trailer. This was when I realized how expensive it was going to be to finish the build. I realized that for a little extra money I could get a travel trailer with a bathroom, sink and other accommodations that the Tiny Trailer could never have. This is when we started looking at travel trailers.

We spent over a year going through several dealerships looking at the different brands and models. We started out looking for one that was just big enough to have a small bathroom and a small kitchen refrigerator. We realized that after looking at a few that we did not want to be in a cramped camper with each other. We wanted to be comfortable, relaxed and have some room.

Our goal was then changed to a maximum length of 16 feet. That did not last long either. The small trailers had to obstacles that we wanted to get past. These trailers only had a single axle. We decided that it would be rather have dual axels. Four tires on the ground were better than two on the ground. The other obstacle was the refrigerator size. The refrigerators in the smaller trailer were the size of college dorm refrigerator. We want to be able to have a decent size refrigerator. Once you move up to a dual axle trailer the refrigerators become a lot larger. This posed another problem. We could not keep the trailer size at 16 feet any longer. Now our size limit mover up to 20 feet.

What we wanted was a trailer that you entered from in the rear but did not have to travel through the kitchen or the bedroom to get to the bathroom. This way if for some reason we had company visiting and then wanted to use the bathroom, they could enter the trailer and the bathroom would be near the door without walking through the trailer. The other option we also wanted was to be able to a door on the bedroom so that the bedroom was isolated from the rest of the trailer.

We kept looking at dealers and models with no luck. We just could not find the one we liked. We had looked at every model possible in the area and even branched out to the next state looking. Just when we thought we were going to have to settle for something we were not 100% happy with we found one. While on vacation we stopped at another dealer and told them what we wanted. He showed us ever one that he had on the lot that he had that was 20 feet or smaller. We were bummed. Then he said he had some that were larger. We really did not want anything larger than 20 feet but we told him we would look. About the third one we look at we fell in love with. It had everything we wanted. The only problem was the price. We walked away knowing that there was actually one out there that had everything we wanted.

For a month’s we went back to the other dealers that we had preciously visited and looked again knowing that it was possible that we might have missed one that another manufacture might have. We had not luck

I gave up on finding another manufacturer. I started looking for RV dealers that carried the brand that we fell in love with and seeing what I could get for a price. Bingo, I found one that carried the same one that was $6,000 than what we were quoted at before. After contemplating the now 26 foot trailer that this one was, we made the purchase.

You are probably wondering what we ended up getting. We ended up with the Grand Design Imagine 2150RB.

We purchased the travel trailer last October. We did not have enough time to take her out before we had to put it in storage for the winter. We were very disappointed that we did not have time to take her on her maiden trip.

We were able to spend a few nights in her in the yard. We did not get the full experience but it was kind of fun. We are really looking forward to taking it out in 2018.

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