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Our 2019 plan

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We had planned on traveling the United States in 2017 but that was sidetracked because Margaret decided she wanted to wait one more year before she retired. Another reason was because we wanted to sell our second house before we went on the road.

Here it is 2017 and we are anxiously waiting for next year. Our plan is to circumnavigate the United States and to stop and see my old military buddy, visit the National Parks and attractions we have picked out along the way.

We had originally decided on going in a counter clockwise direction. That is what I would much rather do. We would be leaving in May. However after receiving inputs from fellow RV travelers who suggested that because of the weather it would be much better to travel in clock wise direction.

I have been actively plotting out every step of our trip, pretty much day by day. I know things will change along the way and we may stay longer at some places and shorter at others. The planning is basically for listing the places we absolutely want to go to. We can work with the delays as they occur. Heck it is half the fun to do the planning.

I donít know how long this trip will take. All I know is that we donít want to hurry or be tied to anything. I have planned a day to day agenda and have been pretty liberal with it. From Maine to California it is estimated for use to take a little over 2 Ĺ months. My guess is that it might take us 6 months or less. I have even contemplated the option of heading to Alaska when we get to Washington State but havenít really given that any real thought yet, itís just something I have considered.

Concerns and obstacles
I am worries about finding room in the RV parks that I have picked out for us to stop at. I know I could make reservations ahead of time but we donít want to be bound to anyplace by reservations. We want this trip to be free and easy without being rushed from place to place because of reservations we need to make and be there are certain times and dates.

We have small dog. I really donít want to bring the dog with us because of side excursions and possible backpacking trips I would like to take along the way. The dog would not be able to make these trips with us and we would have no place to leave it. Another reason is because I donít want to be bound to coming back to the camper every eight hours to let the dog out to use the bathroom. If we are out for the day and canít bring the dog then I donít want to be tired to having to be back at the camper to let it out.

My parents are another concern. I love them to death and they are getting up there in age and I really hate to be away from them for 6 months.

I have attached the map of our current planned route. This is the plan as of the date I publish this blog. It may change again tomorrow because it is constantly changing and will until the day we leave. It will even be changing as we travel.

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