Towle Ancestry and More

All branchess that branch to and from Richard Michael Towle Jr.
Welcome to my genealogy

This genealogical site is dealing with my Towle family name, history, origins, and all research into the name Towle that I have done. It also covers other names that are ancestors or descendants starting with my son (Richard Michael Towle Jr.).

I have also done research into the ancestors and descendants of the Denmark, Maine families of McLeod, Moulton, and Bennett.

I have also done a little research on my stepfathers side of his family. The Dauphin's of Bath, Maine.

This Towle database started as a simple spreadsheet over 32 years ago in 1990. It has grown to over 3,000 individuals and has been put into genealogical software. It is a continuous work-in-progress.

If you think we may be related or belong in this tree, I would love to hear from you. I would like to exchange information about our relatives that we share and make any necessary updates, changes, or additions to the database. If you have any questions about my Towle ancestors, descendants, connections, or any other names in this database please reach out to me.

Watson, Towle/Wilson, Cairns
Mabel and Howard Towle Towle and Wilson family
Dicks and Terry’s wedding day

Moulton, Babb/McLeod, Tilson
Ben and Verna with a bear Elwin and Annie McLeod
Ida and Charles McLeod

A little bit of advice to those new to doing their genealogy
Don’t take for granted that the research others have done is 100% correct.
Just because it is on, Family Search, WikiTree, or any other genealogy site does not mean it is 100% correct. Make sure you see it yourself.

It only takes one person to report something wrong. Once the next person takes it for granted that the previous person was correct (and they weren’t) it escalates out of control.

Random Photos

Wilson and Cairns descendants Dicks and Terry’s family
Clara Bennett Moulton and her kids George and Clara on the front porch of the farm in Denmark